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  The BlitzWolf SDB0 Pro measures just 16 inches across, making it a good match for laptops, tablets, small TVs and the like. But it's also portable and battery-powered.

  "Honey, I shrunk the soundbar!" is something you'll be tempted to say upon unboxing the BlitzWolf SDB0 Pro, which resembles a traditional TV soundbar, but about half the width. Not only is it kind of cute, it's also surprisingly capable -- especially given the price. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Lynnerphom via Amazon has the BlitzWolf SDB0 Pro soundbar and portable Bluetooth speaker for just .99 with promo code CNETSDB0PRO. (Note: If you don't see Lynnerphom as the listed seller -- under the Buy Now button -- look for the Other Sellers on Amazon box.)

  You can use the SDB0 Pro in a variety of ways: soundbar for a small TV; external speaker for a PC or tablet; portable Bluetooth speaker. There's even a USB input for plugging in a flash drive, which would make this a great self-contained jukebox, no source device required. (Take note, however, that there's no remote, and therefore no easy way to select tracks.)

  I tested the speaker alongside (well, beneath) a 40-inch TV, connecting them via the latter's headphone jack. Audio improvement level: significant. Two front-facing speakers are always going to outperform two down-facing ones. Just don't expect this to fill a living room -- it's a small speaker, better suited to a small space like a den or bedroom.

  I also tested it in Bluetooth mode, first pairing it with a tablet for streaming video. Thankfully, the audio synced perfectly in both Hulu and Netflix, though those were the only two apps I tested. Next, I streamed some tunes from Spotify. Although there's not a ton of stereo separation afforded by its two drivers -- they're about 10 inches apart -- the sound definitely seems bigger and more present than you what you get from a typical Bluetooth-speaker brick. I was also impressed at how loud it could get without introducing any distortion. 

  There are a few caveats. First, although there's some bass in the audio mix, there's not much. Second, BlitzWolf doesn't provide an AC adapter. If you plan to use this as, say, a full-time TV speaker, you'll need to BYO wall plug. (Assuming you don't have a spare, here's a two-pack for .) You should also know that there's no wall-mount option.

  Finally, if you plan to use it as a portable speaker, the battery will last you only about four hours.

  This is a good time to remind you the SDB0 Pro is just . It's not perfect, but for the price it's pretty impressive. Your thoughts?

  By the way, if you're looking for something larger, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the four-speaker Mpow HD Soundbar for .99 with promo code GGX42OYE. Regular price: .89. It's a more traditional soundbar with remote, optical and HDMI inputs and a power adapter.

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  金牌一码【昆】【仑】【之】【上】 “【有】【金】【仙】【入】【朝】【歌】?【天】【机】【不】【明】,【真】【是】【变】【数】【频】【出】”【中】【年】【道】【人】【手】【持】【玉】【如】【意】,【一】【双】【好】【似】【孕】【育】【天】【地】【因】【果】【的】【双】【瞳】【望】【向】【虚】【空】。 【不】【过】【百】【里】【外】【一】【处】【殿】【内】,【一】【老】【道】【盘】【膝】【于】【八】【卦】【炉】【旁】,【低】【垂】【脑】【袋】【轻】【轻】【抬】【起】,【掐】【指】【一】【番】,【摇】【摇】【头】,【毫】【不】【在】【意】【的】【继】【续】【炼】【丹】【去】【也】。 【王】【宫】【之】【内】 【帝】【辛】【于】【寝】【宫】【内】【忽】【然】【起】【身】“【仙】【长】!【终】【于】【回】【来】【了】!”

【回】【到】【扶】【鸾】【殿】【禀】【退】【了】【所】【有】【人】,【见】【她】【还】【傻】【愣】【着】【便】【说】【道】:“【过】【来】。” 【樱】【珠】【乖】【巧】【的】【走】【过】【去】,【却】【被】【他】【伸】【手】【拉】【入】【怀】【里】,【愧】【疚】【的】【说】:“【不】【管】【你】【是】【谁】,【我】【都】【不】【想】【你】【离】【开】【我】。” “【殿】【下】,【你】【不】【生】【我】【的】【气】【了】?” “【傻】【瓜】,【帮】【我】【包】【扎】。” 【樱】【珠】【拿】【来】【医】【药】【箱】【取】【出】【棉】【棒】【和】【纱】【布】【帮】【他】【包】【扎】【完】【后】,【重】【新】【看】【着】【他】【说】:“【孤】【溪】【渃】【是】【我】【的】【名】【字】。

【沈】【怜】【笑】【道】:“【不】【知】【道】【为】【什】【么】,【每】【次】【看】【你】【跟】【天】【朗】【天】【晴】【相】【处】,【总】【觉】【得】【你】【似】【乎】【是】【有】【过】【孩】【子】。” 【她】【这】【话】【也】【不】【知】【道】【故】【意】【的】【成】【分】【高】,【还】【是】【开】【玩】【笑】【的】【成】【分】【更】【高】。 【小】【星】【随】【意】【道】:“【我】【当】【年】【是】【怀】【过】【孕】,【但】【是】【后】【来】【因】【为】【生】【病】,【孩】【子】【没】【了】,【之】【后】【我】【再】【孤】【儿】【院】【做】【义】【工】【很】【多】【年】,【所】【以】【对】【于】【怎】【么】【跟】【孩】【子】【相】【处】,【我】【很】【明】【白】。” 【其】【实】【这】【会】【儿】【她】【的】【心】【里】【是】

  【傍】【晚】,【白】【玉】【宫】。 【何】【氏】【集】【团】【这】【几】【年】【也】【算】【如】【日】【中】【天】,【何】【西】【洲】【的】【六】【十】【大】【寿】,【申】【城】【各】【界】【名】【流】【名】【士】【来】【了】【个】【半】。 【宁】【归】【晚】【因】【为】【何】【振】【淼】【和】【黎】【漾】【一】【事】,【跟】【何】【家】【说】【得】【上】【有】【过】【节】,【天】【池】【与】【何】【氏】【集】【团】【素】【来】【没】【有】【生】【意】【上】【的】【往】【来】,【并】【没】【收】【到】【何】【家】【的】【邀】【请】【函】。 【但】【是】【邀】【请】【函】【这】【东】【西】,【只】【要】【有】【门】【路】,【弄】【到】【一】【张】【两】【张】【不】【是】【什】【么】【难】【事】。 【宁】【归】【晚】【到】【时】金牌一码【我】【写】【小】【说】,【基】【本】【上】【随】【着】【心】【意】【走】。《【长】【平】【悲】【歌】》【是】【在】【起】【点】【中】【文】【网】【写】【的】【第】5【本】【小】【说】,【继】《【面】【食】【世】【家】》《【最】【后】【的】【巫】【族】【守】【卫】》《【奇】【门】【神】【隐】》《【猎】【命】【斗】【兽】》【之】【后】。【当】【然】,【之】【间】【有】【两】【本】【之】【前】【的】【老】【书】《【幽】【冥】【巫】【师】》【和】《【网】【络】【文】【学】【十】【六】【讲】》【也】【重】【新】【修】【订】【发】【上】【来】【了】。【未】【修】【订】【发】【布】【的】【旧】【书】,【还】【有】5【本】。【未】【来】【有】【时】【间】,【也】【会】【发】【上】【来】。 【秦】【赵】【最】【后】

  【粟】【裕】【刚】【刚】【进】【门】,【就】【带】【着】【小】【朋】【友】【乖】【巧】【的】【和】【苏】【陌】【爸】【爸】【妈】【妈】【问】【了】【句】【好】。 【粟】【裕】【直】【接】【忽】【略】【掉】【季】【爷】【爷】,【在】【苏】【墨】【爸】【爸】【妈】【妈】【后】【面】【挤】【眉】【弄】【眼】【的】【表】【情】。【禁】【止】【奔】【向】【书】【房】。【看】【看】【苏】【沫】【是】【什】【么】【表】【情】,【有】【没】【有】【特】【别】【生】【气】? 【书】【房】【的】【门】【被】【推】【开】,【苏】【墨】【刷】【的】【手】【机】【瞬】【间】【被】【自】【己】【到】【桌】【子】【底】【下】。【手】【机】【画】【出】【了】【完】【美】【的】【一】【道】【弧】【线】,【然】【后】【滚】【了】【两】【圈】,【滚】【在】【了】【粟】【裕】【脚】【下】

  【推】【荐】【新】【书】~ 【笔】【名】:【茶】【啾】【啾】 【简】【介】:【西】【拾】【身】【负】【许】【愿】【系】【统】,【要】【达】【成】【某】【人】【的】【三】【个】【愿】【望】。 【他】【的】【声】【音】【如】【沐】【春】【风】:“【西】【西】,【我】【要】【你】【将】【我】【的】【期】【愿】【永】【记】【心】【底】,【那】【是】【我】【此】【生】【的】【最】【为】【珍】【贵】。” 【他】【的】【唇】【角】【肆】【意】【张】【狂】:“【小】【家】【伙】,【别】【忘】【了】【你】【答】【应】【我】【什】【么】,【要】【是】【你】【做】【不】【到】,【哪】【怕】【海】【角】【天】【涯】,【我】【都】【会】【将】【你】【追】【回】。” 【他】【的】【眸】【子】【漆】【黑】【如】【墨】

  【银】【铃】【忍】【不】【住】【咽】【了】【口】【口】【水】,【吓】【的】。 “【夫】,【夫】【人】,【小】【姐】【这】。” 【柳】【夫】【人】【也】【才】【刚】【刚】【回】【过】【神】【来】,【她】【哪】【儿】【见】【过】【自】【家】【女】【儿】【这】【种】【凶】【残】【模】【样】,【不】【过】【到】【底】【还】【是】【疼】【爱】【女】【儿】【的】【心】【情】【战】【胜】【了】【一】【切】。 【她】【走】【上】【前】【去】,【对】【苏】【柳】【儿】【柔】【声】【道】:“【无】【忧】【啊】,【娘】【知】【道】【你】【现】【在】【很】【生】【气】,【但】【国】【有】【国】【法】,【不】【管】【她】【做】【了】【什】【么】【坏】【事】【我】【们】【也】【不】【能】【不】【顾】【王】【法】,【可】【不】【能】【弄】【出】